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SDA Academy Hosts Open Day Activities

June 4, 2023 • • in News

The Saint Lucia Seventh-day Adventist Academy held its second Open Day program on Tuesday 23rd May 2023. The open day program targeted students from the three Seventh-day Adventist Primary Schools namely: Eucharist Lewis SDA Primary, L’Abayee SDA Primary and the Emmanuel SDA Combined. 

“Open Day is an opportunity for prospective students to take part in innovative activities, meet teachers who are experts in their field, gain valuable insight in terms of the school’s curriculum and its environment,” Mr. Vidal Phillip Principal of the SDA Academy said. 

It also provided a unique opportunity to experience what life is like at a potential school. During the open day, prospective parents and pupils were able to visit classrooms, visit different labs, meet staff members and have a chance to talk to pupils on a tour of the school, provide important insights into the school’s ethos and learning culture and are therefore, arguably, one of the most important deciding factors when choosing a school. 

According to the school’s principal, in addition to helping the young one’s dream, the program was a strategic effort to dispel any misconceptions the students may have had about the school prior to coming to Open Day activities.  

The principal indicated that he is confident that the experience can better guide the children’s decision in choosing a suitable academic and social environment for their future educational exploits and also added that it is the goal of the school to continue to appeal to students’ academic and spiritual needs. 

The Saint Lucia Seventh-day Adventist Academy located in Sunny Acres exists to take care of the educational needs of the Saint Lucian population. The institution is operated by the Seventh-day 

Adventist Church through a Board of Management to serve the education needs of the Saint Lucian constituency. The present enrollment is 150 students.  

The school continues to provide a holistic educational product in a safe environment, conducive to academic excellence and outstanding service, through spiritual, social and physical nurture. 


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