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Four Individuals Baptised from the first Virtual Children & Adolescence Evangelistic Series

April 16, 2021 • • in News

The Children & Adolescents Ministries Department of the Saint Lucia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists concluded its first virtual children & adolescence evangelistic series that lasted for one week from the period April 4th to April 11th, 2021.  

Coming out of this event four individuals were baptized.

According to Children and Adolescents Ministries Co-ordinator, Sis Gabrielle Leonce, the department continues to serve all the children of the church from age 0-14 years and to be committed to making sure that all church programs include spiritual, social and mental growth for this segment of the membership of the church. 

Under the theme “Not Too Young To Go CAM Impact Saint Lucia,” eight children delivered messages of hope and peace during the online ministry event streamed on Prayz FM Radio, the Saint Lucia Mission of Seventh-day Adventist & LNO Studios YouTube and Facebook pages. The online programs were well received with an average of over 2000 views. Here are the names of the speakers and topics that were covered:

  • Avian Augustin: Amazing God For Trusting People
  • Jayi Francis: I Am Not Too Young To Let It Shine 
  • Gordon Charles Jr: Tiny But Powerful
  • Achym Antoine: Hold Your Shield With Confidence
  • Lucez Jn Baptiste: Do Not Forget Your Emergency Tools
  • Anthony Jr Smith The Most Powerful Secret Weapon
  • Seth Isidore: A New Name For The Overcomer 
  • Amelia Joseph: I Am A Conqueror Marching To Zion

Children not only preached but led the church services and used their musical talents to praise God. Christ’s instruction to feed the lambs provides the impetus for the church to meet the needs of children in fellowship, worship, stewardship, and outreach.

According to Sister Ann-Marie Headley, Evangelistic Campaign Manager, Bible Study programs for children focusing mainly on the 28 fundamental beliefs, among other topics, have been created to prepare them for baptism and to encourage them to begin a lifelong commitment to Jesus.

This was a unique phenomenon since many expressed delight at having an Evangelistic Series tailored just for the little ones. 

According to the Barna Group, only 6% of adult Christians made their decision to follow God over the age of 18. This means 94% made decisions as children that follow them throughout their life. The church saw this opportunity to lead our precious souls to the best decision they will ever make in their lives.

An acorn has the potential of one day being a magnificent oak tree. It takes many years, good soil, rain and sunshine until one day it is the mighty oak it was destined to become. Likewise, the child within your arms, within your church, within your community possesses a seed of greatness. Don’t be fooled by appearances, for if placed in the right hands, God’s hands, their possibilities are endless.

Soil = Good home/church environment

Water = Instructions and clear boundaries, the balance is crucial

Sunshine = Encouragement and affirmation

Then step back and give them the opportunity to shine for God. As the children met with Jesus over the one-week meeting virtually a miraculous transformation took place. Each night brought with it new joys and new blessings.


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