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Inspiring Others To Unleash Their Full Potential

August 27, 2015 • • in News

Saint Lucians took the pleasure in welcoming Dr. Nadine Anna Joseph, back to her land of birth, while visiting Saint Lucia on vacation for a little over one week, from August 14 to 21, 2015. The Saint Lucian born felt it an honor to have shared some of her ‘precious vacation time’ with her immediate family members, other relatives and her church family.

On Sabbath, August 15, 2015, Dr. Joseph was hosted by the Good News SDA Church, thanks to Pastor Rod Rene’, the District Pastor. The guest speaker gave an inspiring and innovative message on the topic: “It is finished.” The listening congregation was moved by the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the presenter of the Word.

anna-3 anna-4  On the Sunday, Dr Joseph spoke at a Prayer Breakfast, thanks to the facilitation of the Family Life Department of the Maranatha SDA Church. The guest speaker addressed saints mainly from the Good News, Marisule and Maranatha SDA churches. Dr. Joseph’s message to that Sunday audience was entitled: “The Power of Women.” At that breakfast meeting, “the presenter basically showed the sisters, how they can empower themselves and the other members of society.” Further, she shared from her own personal experiences how God had shown her favor over the years. Dr. Joseph received sale for some of her two books at that event.

anna-6anna-5Ianna-2anna-1t was not yet over. On Tuesday evening, August 18, 2015, interested persons were treated to another performance by Dr. Joseph. This time it was held at the SDA Academy, and was based on Dr. Joseph’s PhD Thesis, entitled: “Adventist women in higher education – breaking the glass ceiling”, really seminal work. As a consequence, the Doctor is in the process of producing a book based on her research, which is of the same name (as above), and will be available to the public by the end of 2015, all things being equal.

While in Saint Lucia Dr. Joseph was also highly featured in the following activities:

  1. “A Woman’s Touch” on Prayz FM Radio Station with host personality, Carmen Charles
  2. Motivational talk to students, who were being awarded scholarships at and by the Windjammer Landing Hotel.
  3. Individualised talks to departmental heads of the Windjammer Hotel.

We thank God for HIS blessing on Dr. Nadine Anna Joseph, and wish her every success.

Anna at her various events : Maranatha, Good News, Windjammer Hotel, SDA Academy, PrayzFM


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