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Radio Family Life Evangelistic Series Touches Hearts and Minds

September 1, 2023 • • in News

Engaging Broadcast Sparks Spiritual Conversations and Nurtures Family Values

Evangelist Urban Regis presenting at Family Life Series.

In a world often dominated by noise and distractions, a captivating radio series focused on family life and evangelism had made waves across the airwaves of Prayz FM.

“Building Families One Soul at A Time Evangelistic Series,” with Evangelist Elder Urban Regis, has garnered widespread attention for its unique approach to combining spiritual teachings with practical insights for family growth. This series, aimed at spreading messages of hope and inspiration, became a focal point for listeners seeking spiritual insights and meaningful connections.

The Family Life program was aired on Prayz FM Radio (98.5 & 92.5 FM Frequency) and also via the social media handles Prayz FM Saint Lucia on Facebook and YouTube from August 6th-20th 2023. It became a beacon of hope for families seeking to strengthen their bonds while deepening their faith. With topics ranging from forgiveness and compassion, to self-discovery, building resilient relationships, effective communication and conflict resolution to raising children with strong moral values, the programs offered an inspiring blend of guidance and practical wisdom.

Listeners were quick to praise the program’s ability to tackle complex subjects with empathy and relatability. Elder Urban Regis’ warmth and authenticity made it feel like he’s speaking directly to us,” remarks one avid listener. “It’s as if he understands the struggles and joys of family life firsthand.

The success of the series lied in its ability to bridge the gap between religious teachings and practical advice. Through insightful special features with experts in the fields of psychology and social work, the program equipped listeners with actionable strategies to implement within their own families. This unique blend of perspectives had resonated with a diverse audience, attracted both devout believers and those searching for guidance.

The radio series has ignited a broader movement of families coming together to strengthen their spiritual connections and nurture lasting relationships.

Building Families One Soul at a Time series in the second week continued to captivate audiences; it served as a reminder that in this fast-paced world, there is still a place for meaningful conversations and timeless values. Through its heartwarming narratives and practical advice, the program proved that the power of radio can extend beyond entertainment, enriching lives and creating lasting impact within families and communities.

The series concluded with a grand baptism on Saturday (Sabbath) 26th August 2023.



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