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The Saint Lucia SDA Academy’s Canteen Officially Named

February 20, 2019 • • in News

Written By: Kerdell Samuel
Edited By: Nathaniel Emilien

President of the Saint Lucia Mission of SDA, Pastor Roger Stephen with Shirleyann Cyril-Mayers

Naming of buildings, edifices such as bridges, even occasions and events after a person is a mark of honour. This privilege fell to Ms. Lauretta Freviere, better known as “Ms L”.  She started the canteen at the Saint Lucia Seventh-day Adventist Academy in 1984.

Along with the naming of the canteen after her, a Feeding Fund for ten (10) students began. A ceremony for this auspicious occasion took place on Thursday February 14, 2019 at 2:00pm. 

Freviere’s son and President of the Saint Lucia Mission Pastor Roger Stephen during his remarks, expressed his gratitude for honouring his mother while she is still alive. 

Shirleyann Cyril-Mayers, Freviere’s daughter sang and served cake to all the students in honour of her mother’s love of sharing. 

Past student, teacher and President of the Saint Lucia SDA Academy Alumni Association– Anselma Calderon – shared a few reflective words and a group of Form Four students sang. 

A sign was unveiled at the end of the ceremony and a prayer was offered. The slogan revealed for Ms. L’s Canteen is “Caring is Sharing,” portrayed through the character of Freviere. The naming ceremony is only the beginning of things to come for the school. 


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